Collaborative of Thinkers & Policy Makers​

Recognizing that the global and transversal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, WEI has convened thinkers, experts, activists, and policy makers from various disciplines in the Collaborative of Thinkers and Policy Makers.

Our goal is to make recommendations for addressing the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The discussion groups have been organized around the following themes:

  • Public health, health care, and health disparities
  • Social Cohesion, macroeconomic and microeconomic impacts
  • Gender, education, and infrastructure

The Collaborative was launched in March 2020 and we have had several virtual meetings and discussions that produced or support roughly 8 policy brief proposals for the T20, of which 4 have been accepted by the T20 Secretariat. 

In addition, the Women’s Economic Imperative as a knowledge partner of the Global Solutions Summit has curated and hosted 2 Global Tables titled: