Women's Economic Imperative

WEI Global Institute
Entrepreneurship Policy Roundtables

Co-sponsored with Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy Research (Global-WEP): May, 2022 – February 2023

The WEI Global Institute (WGI) collaborates with partners, such as the Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy Research Network (Global WEP), to engage academics, policy makers, private sector, and key stakeholders. The virtual roundtables aim to identify and address issues & solutions, share lessons, and advocate for changes necessary to advance gender economic equity.

The inaugural 2022-2023 roundtable series was curated and co-sponsored by the WGI and the Global WEP. The hosts of this series were:

Dinah Bennett

Global Lead

Enterprise Development​

Professor Colette Morgan

Dr. Colette Henry

Advisor, Women’s

Entrepreneurship Policy

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Dinah Bennett – Global Lead, Enterprise​​​

Dinah Bennett has been a leader of women’s economic empowerment for over 25 years. In the UK she initiated a best practice initiative for supporting women’s entrepreneurship based on the concept of developing and growing social capital. She was awarded OBE in 2010 and holds the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion.​​


As the founder of International Consultants for Enterprise Entrepreneurship (ICE), Dinah designs and delivers entrepreneurial development programs all around the world. ICE’s aim, to help institutions and individuals understand the small business community in order to introduce effective enterprise strategies and polices. ​​

​​Technical CV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R91bYf6fbUeRvJiDxGBykEMMVQA3h8zI

Colette Henry – Entrepreneurship Policy​​

An academic manager with university-level international teaching, research and program development experience, Colette Henry’s expertise is in the area of Entrepreneurship Education, Women’s Enterprise and Veterinary Business. Currently Head of Department of Business Studies at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) and Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, her previous roles include: Norbrook Professor of Business & Enterprise (Royal Veterinary College, London); Visiting Professor (Birmingham City University), and President of the Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (ISBE, London). ​​


In 2015, Colette was awarded the Diana International Trailblazer award by Babson College for her research on gender, and in 2017, was honored with the Sten K. Johnson European Entrepreneurship Education Award. In 2018, she was awarded a Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences.​​

Victor Gadabor – Website Manager

Victor Gadabor is an accomplished website developer and manager, graphic designer, and digital and brand communications expert. He has proven, professional experience over the past 10 years. He has worked on and led significant projects for leading organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Selective examples of the extensive range of his projects and clientele include: Wateraid Ghana social media branding project; EMY Africa website design and management; Huawei Ghana campaign design; UE Beverages visual identity design; Ghana Business Awards; Ghana CEO Awards; Ghana Shippers Awards; and The Education Collaborative at Ashesi.

Victor is a vibrant individual who values learning and thinks it is each person’s job to reach their potential. Victor is married with two lovely children and also plays the bass guitar.

Janiece Welcome Bio

Janiece Welcome has worked for several years in the fields of management, administration and education. She has developed her management and administration experience in a number of different large corporations, including Starbucks Coffee Company. In addition, she has worked with AmeriCorps Project Change and the Montgomery County Public Schools. 

Her commitment to incorporating diversity into her project management work contributed to her successful completion of projects and increased the impact of her efforts in effecting progressive change within her community.

Janiece is a leader, whose outstanding customer service and drive shines through her work. She has extensive operational and technical skills.

Janiece attended Arizona State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree. She has completed a training program at the Project Management Institute and is currently pursuing her certification in Project Management.