Influencing Action

Dr. Yonette Thomas: WEI Board Member – 
Health as an Economic Value

​WEI has created a collaborative platform that brings together key individuals, groups and organizations widely recognized as leaders in their respective fields.

Through this platform and collaborative initiatives, WEI is that share the common vision of inclusive economic growth and sustainable development for the benefit of all – women, men, boys, girls. We recognize that within the existing political, economic and social institutions there are systemic biases that negatively impact vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, including women and girls. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has amplified these inequities and lack of progress in attaining the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ​

​WEI is facilitating discussions on inclusive growth, social cohesion, gender economic equity by engaging multi-disciplinary thinkers and policy makers from the global south, north, east and west while advancing initiatives that will positively affect change. ​