Women's Economic Imperative

Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurs make significant contributions to economic growth, wealth creation, innovation and employment. Yet, their participation is constrained by structural impediments and biases, including within entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

Focusing on women-owned/led firms in the missing middle, WEI aims to:

  • Create pathways for women to build and scale enterprises
  • Re-constitute entrepreneurial eco-system supports that meet the needs of diverse women
  • Enhance the effectiveness of support services by addressing biases in solution design and sector knowledge about equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Support efforts to build pipelines of scalable, viable and bankable women-owned/led SMEs

Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education & Training

Policy & Practice​


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Janiece Welcome Bio

Janiece Welcome has worked for several years in the fields of management, administration and education. She has developed her management and administration experience in a number of different large corporations, including Starbucks Coffee Company. In addition, she has worked with AmeriCorps Project Change and the Montgomery County Public Schools. 

Her commitment to incorporating diversity into her project management work contributed to her successful completion of projects and increased the impact of her efforts in effecting progressive change within her community.

Janiece is a leader, whose outstanding customer service and drive shines through her work. She has extensive operational and technical skills.

Janiece attended Arizona State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree. She has completed a training program at the Project Management Institute and is currently pursuing her certification in Project Management.