Health of ​ Women & Girls​

“Sustainable development needs women’s social, economic, and environmental contributions, which will increase when women are healthy, valued, enabled, and empowered to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives, including in their roles as providers of health care.”​

[Langer et al, 2015. Lancet]]


Reimagining the global discourse on girls and women’s bodies to include health as an economic value to promote women’s economic empowerment is our charge, particularly in the Global South. ​


WEI seeks to amplify the premise that girls’ and women’s health and health outcomes impact their economic contributions. Specifically,​

  • ​Linking the health of women and girls to economic empowerment
  • Translation of health knowledge about women and girls to practice and policy, including barriers to implementation
  • Amplification of lessons from
  • Community interventions ​
  • Health innovations that help women and girls to be economically viable​
  • Health policy changes and implementation that directly influence the economic viability of women and girls​