Communities & Sustainable Development

“Enhancing women’s empowerment, therefore, must be accompanied by simultaneous changes in law, in policy, and in sociocultural norms to effectively address the gender disparities that obstruct their full economic, social, and political participation in urban life.”​

[White Paper, IWPR commissioned by NDI, 2015​]

As we move into an urbanized future, we begin to understand the critical roles that cities and the built environment, our ‘engines of growth’ will play for the well-being, social integration and equal opportunity of an increasingly diverse global community of the future, with the understanding that communities are gendered spaces. Going beyond the urban fabric of housing, infrastructure and transportation networks to tackle the complex interconnected set of social spheres to accelerate opportunity and resilience specifically where there is informality.​


WEI aims to promote the unlocking of women´s economic empowerment by catalyzing initiatives that overcome barriers produced by their environments. We are actively leveraging women’s equal rights and opportunity through community engagement and partnership to address key factors including:

  • Access to water and sanitation, renewable energy, affordable housing and land tenure​
  • Improved urban effects to health and well-being such as housing design, gender-based violence and effects of climate change​
  • Constrained engagement in the formal economy and time poverty from unpaid domestic work and family care​
  • Improved access to educational and training opportunities and digital connectivity​
  • Improving on secure labor and full citizen rights for quality employment opportunities and access to public services​
  • The implementation of gender inclusive urban policies that will allow for women’s entrepreneurial ecosystems to thrive​