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WEI and OWIT Co-Host the WTO Public Forum 2019 Gender Inclusiveness in Trade in Services Session

Services add value to manufacturing and contribute to competitiveness, employment and trade. Technological innovations and ICT make “traditional“ services easier to deliver internationally. Intangible elements add value to traded products, leveraging AI, big data and technology. Advances in technology revolutionized existing and created new service sectors, and technology has led to new business models that represent game-changers in a range of industries. Gender equity in Trade in Services is a multi-faceted and complex issue that needs to be addressed by a diverse and multidisciplinary group that understands different sectors and countries; combines theory and practice; and works at macro-, meso- and micro-level.


WEI Champion Spotlight: Alice Ojwang

Read about nutritionist Dr. Alice Ojwang’s work in Kenya and South Africa spreading awareness of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic illnesses. Dr. Ojwang is a WEI Champion for women’s health in sub-Saharan Africa.